Dr. Muhammad Nasir Khan

Post Doctorate(Education)
2nd PhD student
Department of Education
University of Vienna, Austria

Education Is the most valuable entity that human can identified to improve their knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. One of the key objectives of the conference is creating dialogue among those involved in research and development activities in Education and edagogy nationally and internationally. As co chair of the conference, I hope this event will create continued dialogue during and beyond the World Conference on Education (WCEDU -2017), with the participation of local and international researchers. Through this event, it is envisaged to share and disseminate information relevant to research and development experiences encompassing important areas such as vulnerability to the impacts of education, education policy, curriculum development, education technology research, and various other aspects such as course management, vocational education, terrorism and education, etc. I wish to invite the representatives of the universities, research institutes, and governmental- and non-governmental institutions, etc., including the young scientists, to submit your abstracts, present and share your valuable experiences with us during the World Conference on Education (WCEDU -2017), making it a great success.