Dr. Neva Helena Alexander 
Adjunct Assistant Professor 
City University of New York
Director/Education Consultant 
Neva Alliance, USA

Dr. Neva Helena Alexander prefers to be called Dr. Neva. It is a name that she adopted in Saudi Arabia where it is customary in their culture to be called by one’s first name. Beyond academia, she has a global entrepreneurial spirit. Dr. Neva is the Founder of the NEVA Alliance Training Co., a company based in New York, which offers training, development and business consultancy globally. She is also the Owner of National Educational Venture Alliance (NEVA) which helps to support international students to study in the USA through sponsorship.

Dr. Neva’s is known as a Global Business Development Consultant. She connects the business world with entrepreneurs, corporates, and business persons. She builds bridges between the two. This mainly involves assisting in the whole process of setting up businesses and educational institutions in Africa and the Middle East. Passionate about Entrepreneurship, she goes the mile to assist entrepreneurs in developing and diversifying.

Dr. Neva has organized networking events and created public relations exposure for businesses and professionals who have been unable to utilize the many marketing internet opportunities within their local communities, nationally and internationally. In addition to being an educator in the classroom, she trains and coaches people from every walk of life and profession. She has published educational research and is the author of Females’ Guide to Understanding Leadership and #Risingleaders.